Get Better Flavor From Vape


You want to get better flavor from your vape? That's normal. Most vapers at some point in their journey will focus their efforts on getting better flavor. Clouds are fun and all, but if you're using flavored juice you'd probably like to taste it. And if you can taste more of it, even better! Luckily, there are some things you can do to achieve this. Here are 9 simple ways to get better flavor from your vape.

1. Switch Your E-juice

This is likely the simplest way to achieve better flavor. It's the quick fix! Often times we blame our vape gear for not producing better flavor only to find out the juice just doesn't have the flavor we think it should. A lot of juices may smell awesome out of the bottle, but flavor saturation is not always a given based off of smell alone. If you have a new vape kit and you think the flavor should be better, try a new flavor and check. Even if you KNOW the flavor is better out of other devices, it still could very well be the culprit. A secret among many old school vapers is that certain juices work better with certain gear. Give it a shot. Try a new juice and see for yourself, you might find out it was the juice that was guilty, not the device.

2. Push More Power

Power has the power to change a vape! Whether you're using factory coil heads for vape tanks or DIY coils for rebuildables, the power we push from our batteries has a remarkable effect on how much flavor comes through. Depending on your vape device, a lot of power recommendations written on coils are meant as "safe limits", but they are often times below the actual power preferred among many users. You can think you're pushing a coil to the max, when it's possible it could take more power.

If your vape tank came in a kit, the battery may not have the full range of power for the coil's capabilities. If you can, try your tank on a variable power device that can drive more power to the coil. Start out going up in small increments (maybe increasing by one or two watts). See how far you can take it without getting too hot. If you still had more headroom for power on the coil, you will taste an increase in flavor as the heat and power amplify the flavor of the juice.

3. Adjust Airflow: More or Less

It's common knowledge for experienced vapers that copious airflow helps create copious clouds. But airflow also has an interesting roll in flavor. Too much airflow and the flavor density can be too diluted, and too little and there's not enough vapor made to taste it fully. If you have a tank with adjustable airflow, try closing it off – almost fully closed – and try the vape like that. It's surprising how much the restriction of airflow or the opening-up of the airflow reveals new dimensions in flavor.

It can't be suggested which will do the trick, but adjusting the airflow will change the flavor one way or another. Try different settings for a while and then assess which one was best. It's a good chance you'll find better flavor with a new setting.

4. Try a Different Inhale

Ask 100 vapers which inhalation technique is best and you'll likely two answers: 50 saying a mouth-tolung draw and the other 50 saying a direct-lung draw. Depending on your device, it may not be set-up properly for both. Most devices really only excel on one type of draw. But many times new vapers are so used to smoking that they use a light and shallow draw that won't really generate the flavor from the vape. If you have a tank that has the type of airflow that feels more sucking through a milkshake straw than a coffee straw, try a forceful and deep direct-lung draw. This method works very well for increasing vapor and all the flavor that comes with it.

5. Change the coil position

Assuming you are using a rebuildable atomizer, the coil placement in respect to the airflow intake affects flavor. If the coil is too far from the airflow holes, the vape can get a little too toasty due to insufficient cooling. That taints flavor. Placing the coil close to the airflow holes will allow the coil to get cooled off quickly which will make the vapor tasty and comfortable. So if you are using a rebuildable and you want better flavor, try placing the coil closer to the airflow.

6. Try a New Coil

If you are using ANY vape device that requires pre-made coils, it is important to know that premade coils (coil heads) can sometimes vary in performance. Depending on the manufacturer, they may vary a lot. You may have just got a new vape and maybe you feel there is insufficient flavor. If you have tried all other techniques to remedy the lack of flavor, it could very well be as simple as a "bad coil". It's almost impossible to ever tell why some coil heads work better than others, but the fact is that they are mass-produced little components. Before you write-off a device for lacking flavor, make sure you give it a couple more chances... but with new coils.

7. Here's a tip: change your tip

The same rules apply to the drip tip airflow as adjusting the airflow, but there is more. Drip tips come in many different shaped and materials, like ultem, delrin, glass, metal, plastic, etc. Each one will have a different mouthfeel or texture. Depending on the user and the vape, some tips are not well suited for the vape they come with. Try a variety of tips with your vape (if it's removable) and see which one works best. The tips that are popular right now for cloud-blowing atomizers are short and wide bore tips called 810 tips – they're great for flavor and for clouds. If your vape has a replaceable tip but it won't fit an 810 tip, search for a 510-810 drip tip adapter for more tip options.

8. Clean That Dirty Tank

This is sure to work for most people that have tried all the other methods. Even when the tank doesn't appear dirty per se, taking the tank apart for a soapy bath will freshen the performance. Sometimes, too, you may think a tank is clean because it is new. This is a beginner's mistake. A lot of vape gear is manufactured in large quantities and sometimes there is a little machine oil in the metal that will really obstruct your juice. If your tank is a little old, wash it. If your tank is brand new, wash it. Washing a tank will make sure there are no impurities in the tank mixing in and adulterating your juice.

9. Hydrate

The final tip is one that we as vapers should all follow: drink more water. Vaping can dry your mouth out a bit, and with dry mouth comes a loss perceptible flavor. This is often referred to as "vaper's tongue". The most common cure for this is drinking more water, but you could also try rinsing your mouth with a non-alcoholic mouthwash like Biotene.

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