Best Vape Pens of 2017

Vape Pen Award Battery Capacity Rating
Halo Triton II
Best overall vape pen 700 mAh
Halo Tracer Twist
Best vape pen for clouds 2300 mAh
Best vape pen starter kit 200 mAh

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen, also commonly referred to as a vape pen or vapor pen, is a pen shaped vape capable of vaping either e-liquids, dry herb or wax/dabs. Vape pens are most commonly used for vaping e-liquid, which can either contain nicotine or be nicotine free. Vape pens are popular given their size and ease of use for smokers looking to switch to vapes.

Award winning vape pens

Draw Style Recommended E-Liquids Works With Rating
MTL or direct lung Normal Halo Line or Halo High VG Lines E-liquid

The Halo Triton II wins our best vape pen award. The Triton II provides everything a vaper could want from their vape pen. This vape pen combines flavor with plumes of vapor all in an small, affordable package. For $45 users receive two Triton II vape pens, 3 coils heads and two tanks, as well as chargers and a wall adapter. The airflow can also be adjusted to cater for both MTL and direct lung style draws allowing vapers to choose the right vaping style for them.

Bottom line: Serious performance coupled with outstanding flavor at a great price from one of the most established and reputable US vape brands.

Draw Style Recommended E-Liquids Works With Rating
Direct lung Halo High VG and EVO High VG Line E-liquid

Are you looking for a vape pen that chucks clouds? The Halo Tracer Twist combines a powerful battery with a high performance sub ohm tank to create a beast of a vape pen. Whilst slightly larger than the Triton II this pen is for those seeking maximum flavor and maximum clouds. The Tracer Twist also features adjustable wattage from 5 – 30W allowing users full control over their vape.

Bottom line: The best choice for vapers seeking maximum vapor production and battery life.

Draw Style Recommended E-Liquids Works With Rating
MTL Pre-filled e-liquid pods by Juul E-liquid pods

The Juul is a pod mod vape pen. It is by far and away the easiest vape pen starter kit to use on the market. If you don’t want the hassle of coils and filling tanks then the Juul pen is for you. The Juul is a pod mod, meaning it uses a pod system. The pods are prefilled cartridges that slot into the device and can be immediately vaped. The Juul is also the smallest vape pen on this list and is roughly the size of a medium sized USB stick. The Juul can only be vaped MTL and features a very high nicotine e-liquid which is well suited to smokers looking to switch.

Bottom line: The smallest and easiest to use vape pen that is perfect for smokers looking for a no hassle, stealthy vaping solution. It is so easy to use your grandma or grandad can use it!

Other great vape pens

Draw Style Works With
MTL Dry herb, wax/dabs and e-liquids (3 in 1)

The V2 Pro Series 3 is the only option for vapers looking for a 3 in 1 vape pen. It can vape dry herb, wax/dabs and also e-liquids (either MTL or direct lung). No other device can match the Series 3 when it comes to its ability to switch seamlessly between cartridges for different substances. Whilst isn’t the best pure solution for e-liquid vaping, it is the best weed vape pen on the market. It doesn’t do a bad job at vaping dabs and wax either!

Bottom line: The most versatile vape pen on the market for vapers looking for a pen that can vape.

Draw Style Works With
MTL or direct lung E-liquid

The XEO Void is one of the best e-liquid vape pens on the market. It’s ability to switch between MTL and direct lung vaping make it very versatile. It also has a superb battery life and the quality from this German brand is exemplary. Leaking can also be an annoying factor when using vape pens with e-liquid, but the XEO incorporates a unique leak free design and a top fill system making re-filling a piece of cake.

Bottom line: An outstanding versatile and durable e-liquid vape pen designed in Germany with top fill.

Draw Style Works With
Direct lung E-liquid

The Minion is a powerful vapor pen for e-liquid vaping. It chucks massive clouds and produces delicious flavor. It also has one of the largest battery capacities, perfect for those vapers looking for a pen that can last a long time.

Bottom line: Want clouds, flavor and battery life? You can’t go wrong with the Mig Vapor Minion vape pen kit.

Draw Style Works With
Direct lung E-liquid

The biggest vape pen on this list, but also comes with the biggest tank and battery life. Small tank capacity with vape pens can sometimes be a problem. This however isn’t the case with the Vaporfi Rebel III, as it boasts a MASSIVE 5.8ml tank capacity. Even when blowing big clouds you won’t be needing to refill for hours or days depending on your usage!.

Bottom line: Don’t want to refilling or recharging your vape pen often? Then the Vaporfi Rebel III is the perfect choice.

Draw Style Works With
MTL E-liquid

If you are looking for a dedicated MTL vape with a good sized tank and great flavor then the Vaporfi Pro III is a good pick. The Pro III vape pen can also be refilled from the top making it quick and easy to refill and carry on vaping. It comes in a variety of colors and for a MTL tank produces really good flavor. The draw on this device is eerily similar to a cigarette making it a popular choice with smokers looking for flavor and ease of use.

Bottom line: A fantastic choice for smokers looking for good flavor, coupled with solid battery life and a lovely tight MTL draw.

Draw Style Works With
MTL E-liquid pods

The Vertx is V2’s take on the pod mod. As with the Juul the Vertx uses a pod style system with prefilled cartridges. V2 have a large offering of different pod flavors in varying nicotine levels, so there is something to choose for every vaper. Unlike the Juul the Vertx can be used with blank cartridges that can be filled and refilled with an e-liquid of your choice. The battery life is also superior to the Juul, but is therefore slightly larger in size.

Bottom line: A super simple to use vape pen starter kit with prefilled cartridges that can simply inserted and vaped. The blank cartridges are also a big selling point for those wishing to try other e-liquids with their pods.

Draw Style Works With
MTL or direct lung Wax/dabs and oils

The Kandypens Mini is the quite simply the only vape pen you should consider for vaping dabs/wax and oils. Kandypens have an established track record in making high quality, durable wax pens. The Mini is their best yet and comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery. The Mini despite its size, hits really hard and will vaporize your dabs/concentrates in no time!

Bottom line: The best vape pen hands down for wax, dabs, concentrates or oils.

Why vape pens?

Vape pens are the one of the best starting points for new vapers or ex-smokers given their small size, decent battery life and ease of use. They also provide great flavor and can also produce large clouds of vapor should you want to chuck some clouds. The experience provided by a vape pen is far superior to that of an e-cigarette (cig-a-like) due to the more powerful battery which in turn helps provide more vapor and flavor for a better experience. Whilst vape pens don’t have the battery life of a vape mod (box mod), they do provide a far more convenient form factor making them more inconspicuous and easier to carry around. Not everyone wants a huge vapor device and a lot of new vapers and smokers want something that looks good and that will help them to get off cigarettes.

Different types of vape pens

E-liquid Pens

The most common form of vape pen. Can be used for e-liquids with or without nicotine. Often used by smokers looking to quit or switch to a less damaging alternative.

Dry Herb

Vape pens intended for use with weed/cannabis. These pen vapes are a smaller stealthier version of their larger portable vaporizer counterparts.


Vapor pens used with cannabis concentrates also often referred to as dabs, wax or oils.

Quick start guide

Once you have selected your first vape pen starter kit, it is time to start vaping. Follow the steps below to get your vapor pen fired up for the first time:

Different inhaling styles

Mouth-to-lung (MTL)

A tight draw that mimics the draw of a cigarette. Often preferred by smokers and those looking to use higher nicotine e-liquid. With mouth-to-lung your first draw vapor into the mouth and then into the lungs like you would with a cigarette.


  • Uses less e-liquid and therefore reduces your e-liquid costs
  • Often used with higher PG e-liquid to provide a bigger throat hit
  • Similar to a cigarette draw


Direct Lung Inhale

The direct lung inhale is similar to the draw of a shisha and is a very airy. Users draw vapor directly into the lungs. This inhaling technique has become more popular because of its greater flavor and vapor production. For direct lung a higher VG e-liquid is used (usually 70% VG or higher).


  • Great flavor
  • Huge vapor production
  • Good for vape tricks


Choosing the right e-liquid

E-liquid consists of mostly four main ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Flavorings and Nicotine. The PG to VG ratio varies depending on the type of vaping style you are looking for. What e-liquid and PG/VG ratio you use with your vape pen depends on your inhaling technique, as talked about above. If you are opting for an MTL style draw then we suggest a 50/50 VG PG ratio e-liquid and if you are an ex-smoker a nicotine level of 18mg or above. If you are, however looking to direct lung as you want greater vapor production, then opt for a high VG e-liquid (70% or higher) as VG produces more vapor. The recommended vape pens below will often focus on either or, but there are some vapor pens that can vape both!

Buying from reputable vendors

Make sure when purchasing your first vape pen starter kit you purchase from a reputable vendor with good customer service. Given the poor track record of many Chinese manufactured vapes, it is important you select a shop based in your country with customer service also based in that country. A lot of the vendors we recommend on the site also have strong warranties and sometimes also money back guarantees. Check before you buy your vapor pen!

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