Best Vape Mods of 2017

Vape Mod Award Battery Capacity Rating
Halo Tracer Twist
Best vape pen and tube mod 2300 mAh
Best pod mod 200 mAh
Halo Reactor Shorty
Best box mod 1x 18650

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod is a power source, essentially a case that contains one or more rechargeable (removable or non-removable) batteries, that supplies electricity to a vaping atomizer or coil. The term “mod” has its roots in the early years of e-cigs, where hobbyist vapers “modified” existing electrical hardware for custom use as vaping hardware. Now almost all e-cig power sources are referred to as mods. Box mods are one of two primary types of power sources, with tube mods being the other. We have curated a best vape mods list above.

Award winning vape mods

Type Recommended E-Liquids Rating
Pen mod Halo High VG or Evo High VG

The Halo Tracer Twist is Halo’s bestselling vape mod. It combines power, form factor, flavor and battery life in a pen/tube mod format. It isn’t as big as some vape mods, but still provides big power for dense clouds of flavorful vapor. Users also have the ability to easily adjust the wattage levels from 5 – 30W on the bottom of the mod. The 4ml tank also means you won’t be having to refill too often and if you have to, refilling is super easy through the top fill feature. Combine the Tracer Twist with some of Halo’s renowned high VG e-liquid lines and you have yourself an absolutely outstanding vape set-up.

Bottom line: A beautiful combination of power, flavor, clouds and battery life, all in a compact tube mod form factor.

Type Recommended E-Liquids Rating
Pod mod Pre-filled e-liquid pods by Juul

The Juul is one of the world’s fastest selling vape mods and for good reason. This tiny vape mod is the easiest to use device on the market. The Juul features advanced prefilled e-liquid pods that users can insert into the Juul and begin vaping right away. There are no coils and no need to fill tanks. Simply plug in and vape and then replace the pod with a new one once you are finished. It is super simple to use and is super tiny. The Juul uses a high nicotine salt based e-liquid providing a fantastic throat hit, ideal for users who are looking to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

Bottom line: Super easy to use pod system, as small as a USB stick and provides a massive throat hit. This makes the Juul the go to device for smokers looking for a no-hassle vape mod.

Type Recommended E-Liquids Rating
Box mod Halo High VG or Evo High VG

The Halo Reactor Shorty is a 75W vape mod, that is ideal for vapers looking for more power and battery life, but don’t want something that is large and clunky. The Shorty features a removable 18650 battery making it easy to swap batteries once one dies. The Reactor Shorty starter kit comes with an 18650 battery as well as the Shorty Tank that provides flavor and clouds for days. The Shorty Tank can also be refilled from the top making refilling a piece of cake. The Shorty vape mod kit features temperature control allowing users to control the temperature of their vape. The kit also comes with a 30ml bottle of delicious Halo e-liquid.

Bottom line: Ideal for vapers looking for more power, control and battery life without the clunky size and feel of other larger vape mods.

Other great vape mods

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Pen mod All Halo lines

Halo are at it again, this time with the smaller Triton II vape mod kit. The Triton is one of the smallest vape pen mods around. Despite its small size it is still capable of producing ample flavor and vapor. The Triton can also provide users with a mouth-to-lung style vape (albeit slightly airy), by adjusting the airflow control. Users who are looking for a direct lung style won’t be disappointed with the Triton II either. The Triton II is also one of the most affordable vape mods kits and provides vapers with fantastic value for money. The kit comes with two Triton IIs as well a 30ml bottle of Halo’s PG e-liquid line.

Bottom line: An outstanding, affordable compact pen mod capable of MTL or direct lung vaping.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Pen/Tube mod Mig Vapor high VG lines

The Minion by Mig Vapor is a simple no fuss vape mod that provides users with power, flavor and vapor production in a pen/tube form factor. The 3000mAh battery will provide endless battery life (depends on your usage) and the tank when combined with Mig Vapor e-liquid allows users to enjoy ample flavor. The Mig Vapor Minion is a great performing vape mod and definitely worth considering if you are looking for a new vape mod kit.

Bottom line: A durable, simple to use, compact mod capable of producing big vapor.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Box mod Vaporfi high VG lines

The Vaporfi Vaio is a unique all-in-one vape mod in a box form. The Vaio features a tank and battery in one simple to use device. This vapor mod can fire up to 75W and the in-built tank has a 3.5ml e-liquid capacity. The Vaio vape mod bundle has everything a vaper needs to get started and is one of the nicest looking vape mods on the market. Whilst not the most affordable kit the Vaio bundle provides a fantastic package and users will also benefit from Vaporfi’s 30 money back guarantee.

Bottom line: An all-in-one box mod with everything in built and included with a sleek looking.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Box mod Halo High VG or Evo High VG

The Reactor Mega is for those vapers looking for a vapor mod with maximum power and battery life. The 5000mAh battery capacity is massive and users will be able to fire their mod up to 80W. With battery life for days, the Reactor is great for those not wanting to re-charge their vape mod twice a day. The starter vape mod kit comes with the Reactor Tank, Halo’s most powerful tank with a 5ml e-liquid capacity. The Mega is a great set-up for vapers wanting big battery life and power.

Bottom line: A reliable affordable box mod with 5000mAh battery capacity with adjustable wattage.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Tube mod Halo High VG or Evo High VG

The Morpheus by Mig Vapor is a tube mod kit that provides a no nonsense vaping experience. If you want clouds and flavor and don’t want to play around wattages, then the Morpheus is a worthy contender. The 100W 3000mAh battery will automatically adjust to whatever coil and tank you use on the mod. Regardless of what you use, the Morpheus will tailor your wattage to the perfect setting. Just pop your tank on the battery and you are good to vape!

Bottom line: Great battery life, simple to use and clouds and flavor for days.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Tube mod Vaporfi high VG lines

The Vaporfi Rebel II is the vape mod with the biggest tank and battery capacity. Quite simply if you don’t want to be refilling or recharging often then the Rebel III is the choice for you. The tank has a massive 5.8ml capacity unmatched by any other vape mod alongside a 3000mAh battery. The Rebel III is built very solidly so you don’t have to worry about it breaking if you accidentally drop it.

Bottom line: The best tube mod for battery life and tank capacity.

Type Recommended E-Liquids
Pod mod V2 e-liquid pods (blanks available)

The V2 Vertx is a close competitor to the Juul in the pod mod category. It’s main advantage over the Juul is the blank pods you can purchase through V2 and the greater range of prefilled pod flavors. The blank pods allow users to user whatever e-liquids they want and can be refilled up to 30 times. The Vertx itself has a better battery life than the Juul, but is slightly larger in size. Again as with the Juul the Vertx is so easy to use which makes it ideal for smokers or new vapers who don’t want the hassle of coils and tanks. Just plug your pods in and vape, it is just that easy! If you are looking for a pod vape mod, then be sure to check out the V2 Vertx.

Bottom line: A great pod mod with solid battery life. Blank cartridges available for use with any e-liquids.

Different types of vape mods

Pen mods (vape pens)

Vape pen mods are probably the most common form of vape given their portability and ease of use. Shaped like a pen they are small in size and produce good flavor and vapor, but lack the battery life of a box mod.

Box mods

The next step up from a pen mod or cig-a-like type device. Box mods provide unrivalled battery life depending on the size and battery capacity. Box mods provide vapers with a larger power source and they come in varying sizes. Users can use any tanks with the box mods, giving vapers great flexibility in their vaping style.

Tube mods

Similar to pen mods, but usually larger in size and battery capacity. Tube mods mostly do not have variable wattage and are in that respect easy to use as the battery will provide the right amount of power for whatever atomizer/tank you are using. Some vapers prefer the form factor of tube mods over box mods, but ultimately it comes down to personal taste.

Pod mods

Pod mods are the latest trend to hit the vaping market. These vape mod kits come with prefilled pods that can be easily inserted into the mod and vaped straight away. They are the simplest and cleanest vaping solution as they don’t require refilling or the changing of coils. They are often the preferred choice for smokers looking for the simplest and most portable devices to vape. Other vape mods types include squonk mods, all-in-one mods and mechanical mods.

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