Best Pod Mods of 2017

Pod Mod Award Battery Capacity Rating
Best overall pod mod 200 mAh
Vertx and Vertx Plus
Best for refillable pods and battery life 420 mAh
Pax Era
Best for THC oil 240 mAh

What is a pod mod?

Pod mods, also commonly referred to as pod vapes, are vaping devices that use prefilled or blank e-liquid cartridges. Pod vapes use a plug and play system whereby users insert prefilled e-liquid pods into their vape allowing them to immediately start vaping. Pod mods are usually very small in size and tend to mimic the smoking experience. They are perfectly suited to helping smokers make an easy transition into vaping.

Award winning pod mods

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity Rating
No 200 mAh

The Juul has quickly become one of the world’s fastest selling pod vapes. It is widely regarded as the most advanced and best performing pod mod. The Juul is roughly the size of medium sized USB stick and provides a MTL draw similar to that of a cigarette. The Juul uses a strong salt based nicotine and provides users with a big throat hit perfectly mimicking the experience of a cigarette. The replacement pods cannot be refilled (unless hacked), but are relatively affordable. Simply plug your pods into the Juul and begin vaping.

Bottom line: The best pod vape currently on the market.

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity Rating
Yes 420 mAh

The Vertx by V2 boasts several advantages over of the Juul, but is also slightly larger due to its larger battery capacity. The Vertx either comes in the standard version or the Vertx Plus which features a touch screen for adjusting the power of your vape. V2 have a large selection of prefilled pods in different flavors using the V2 e-liquid line. Most interestingly you can also purchase blank pods that can be refilled up to 30 times with an e-juice of your choice!

Bottom line: Best for refillable pods, pod selection and battery life.

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity Rating
No 240 mAh

The Pax Era is similar to the Juul (made by the same company), but it is made specifically for use with THC oil pods. The THC oil pods are only available from dispensaries in certain US states, but work very well. Pax has teamed up with Bloom Farms to bring you three different types of THC pods: Indica, Hybrid and Sativa. The Era is already completely changing the way THC oils and waxes are consumed.

Bottom line: Best for vaping THC oils.

Other great pod mods

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity
No 350 mAh

The MyJet by Myvapors is a fillable pod mod similar to that of the Juul and Vertx. However, whilst you can fill the pods with your own e-liquid they cannot be refilled. The performance of the MyJet is great and the large e-liquid window lets you easily monitor your e-juice level. The 350mAh battery capacity gives it an edge over the Juul when it comes battery life.

Bottom line: Great looking and performing pod mod with fillable carts.

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity
Yes 320 mAh

The Apollo Brez (pronounced breeze) is another small fillable pod mod system aimed at vaping as easy as possible. The Brez has a 320mAh battery and comes with either fillable or prefilled e-liquid pods.

Bottom line: Solid pod mod with good battery life.

Refillable Pods Available Battery Capacity
No 350 mAh

The Von Erl My is a German made pod mod similar to the Juul. It is similar in size and battery life to the Juul, but performance wise it can’t quite keep up. There are however Cuttwood e-liquid pods available and the kit is one of the most affordable pod vapes available.

Bottom line: Most affordable pod with good pod flavor selection from big name e-liquid brands.

Pros and cons of using a pod vape


  • Tiny size
  • Extremely easy to use (plug and play)
  • No messing around with complicated coils and tanks
  • No need to change wattages or voltages
  • Great starting point for smokers looking to move into vaping.


  • Battery life
  • Waste of used pods
  • Some pods cannot be refilled
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