Best E-juices of 2017

E-juice Award Battery Capacity Rating
Best overall e-juice brand $0.56 per ml
Best custom blending $0.53 per ml
Cosmic Fog
Best selling e-juice brand $0.53 per ml

What is e-juice?

E Juice, also commonly referred to as vape juice or e-liquid, is a liquid substance used in vapor devices. E-juice is made up of four common components in differing ratios: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavorings and nicotine. E-juice used by ex-smokers often contains nicotine, and comes in varying strengths. However, ejuice can also be completely nicotine free and users can select from a great range of e-juice flavors. The PG/VG ratios also differ greatly and depend on the style of vaping preferred by the user.

Award winning e-juices

Lines Most Popular E-juice Flavors Rating
Halo High PG, Halo High VG, Evo High PG and Evo High VG Halo Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa and Sub Zero

Halo are probably one of the most well established and best known names in the e-juice market. You won’t find many vape shops around the world that do not stock Halo. They recently expanded their lines to add fruitier and dessert flavors. Halo abide by the highest manufacturing standards and have some of the most delicious e-juice flavors on the market. Halo ejuice should be the first stop for every vaper looking for their first e-juice.

Bottom line: Top quality e-juice brand with outstanding flavors.

Lines Most Popular E-juice Flavors Rating
Grand Reserve, Various High VG Flavors, Custom Blending and Normal Line Caramel Swirl, Dutch Apple Pie, Slushie and Raspberry Mocha

Vaporfi are another huge player in the e-juice market. They boast a massive selection of e-juices from high PG to high VG lines. They also have a custom e-liquid maker allowing vapers to mix their own e-juice flavors together. All Vaporfi ejuices are made in an FDA registered lab and use better than food grade ingredients. Their high operating standard coupled with some of the best flavors around make them a no brainer when looking for new e juice.

Bottom line: Some amazing new high VG flavors and a custom blending option.

Lines Most Popular E-juice Flavors Rating
Cosmic Fog and Lost Fog Sonrise and Milk & Honey

It’s hard not to come across Cosmic Fog e-juice as a vaper. They are simply everywhere and have a huge global presence. Their attention to detail and complex e-juice blends mean they are many vapers go to choice for their all-day vapes. Cosmic Fog set out to create the highest quality and best tasting e-liquid in the world and it is hard to argue that they haven’t achieved their lofty goal. Cosmic Fog boast flavors for every vaper and their newer Lost Fog line carries on the great work they started with their original line. Whilst they are widely regarded as a premium e-liquid brand, they pricing still remains affordable making them easily accessible to vapers around the world.

Bottom line: The biggest e-juice brand in the world and their flavors live up to the hype.

Other great e-juices

Lines Most Popular E-juice Flavors
Black Note line Sonata, Bravura and Prelude

Black Note are the go to e-juice if you are looking for the finest premium tobacco flavors. Their tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco leaves. Black Note are also widely regarded as one of the cleanest and purest e-liquids around. Their e-juice does not contain any additives of any sort (artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or chemicals additives). If you want a pure vape with the finest tobacco flavors around then Black Note is the choice for you.

Bottom line: The purest, highest quality tobacco blend e-juice in the world.

Lines Most Popular E-juice Flavors
FAQ Funky Monkey, Miss Samoa, Smoozie FAQ Funky Monkey, Miss Samoa, Smoozie

Apollo are another big US player in the e-juice world and have recently expanded their high VG offerings. They have a solid 50/50 line that is suited to MTL vapers, but also have 18 other high VG lines to choose from. With e-juice lines like FAQ, Smoozie and O So Good Donuts there is something there for every vaper. If you are looking for a new all-day vape then be sure to give Apollo a try.

Bottom line: Ample high quality and great tasting high VG lines.

Selecting the best e-juice for you

If you are looking for big vapor production then you will want to use a heavier VG base. High VG e-juice ratios are often 70% VG or higher. A higher VG e-juice is often used with subohm coils and with a direct lung style inhale. If you are looking to use less ejuice with a higher nicotine level and throat hit that better mimics a cigarette, then a higher PG ratio should be used. These are commonly 50/50 PG/VG blends. Given PG e-liquid produce less vapor, users often use higher nicotine strengths with these e juices.

Quality e-juice

When selecting e-juice it is important to ensure you purchase from a reputable e-juice brand or vendor. Make sure the e-juice brand you are purchasing from abides by the strictest manufacturing standards. The e-juice brands and flavors we recommend below are all from the most established e-juice companies in the world, with most of them residing in the US, the e-juice capital of the world.

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